Midlands Homeschool Convention – Last Day for Discounted Registration

Midlands Homeschool Convention – Last Day for Discounted Registration April 28, 2014

Midlands Homeschool Convention

Head’s up, if you were planning to see me or any of the bazillion presenters and keynote speakers at the Midlands Homeschool Convention, today’s the last day for discounted registration.  If you live in the Southeast and are homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling, seriously consider attending this particular convention.

Reasons I’m thrilled to be a part of it:

  • It’s the best value for your convention dollar going.  Nearly a hundred workshops, including a massive special-needs track.
  • The focus is on things parents need to know. This is not froo-froo rah-rah go Mom! This is, “Here is what you need to know if ______.”  Practical.  Useful.
  • It is truly an ecumenical event.  There are a number of great Catholic vendors who are going to be there (including personal favorites of mine like Kolbe Academy and Tan / St. Benedict), as well as vendors like Apologia whose textbooks are used in major Catholic homeschool programs.  Catholic Writers Guild will have a table, and there will be a general Catholic homeschooling table manned by parents from around the region.  Dr. Christopher Tollefsen of Public Discourse fame is one of the keynote speakers.  And it goes on from there.
  • The conference will include workshops on about every homeschooling style you can think of, from Unschooling to Classical.  It’s not agenda-driven, it is parent-driven.

It’s going to be a good event.  If you are a homeschooler or thinking-about-it parent in the region, consider coming out.  If you live way far away and all your children are kittens anyhow, please consider liking the MHC Facebook Page so that your friends and friends-of-friends who might be interested can find out about it.



Updated to add: Due to the recent illness, this is the only event I’m not canceling for this year.  That tells you how seriously I support it.  It’s going to be good. Very good.   (And no, please do not ask me to speak at your event, see, “recent illness”.  But I’ll talk on the radio, no problem.)

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