Nine Annoying Things Novena – Start Now

Nine Annoying Things Novena – Start Now April 30, 2014

The prospect of death does not make cry. The prospect of choosing between another around of Dr. Maybe’s Office Staff Craziness Circus, or giving up on the local guy and driving two hours down the road to the next nearest guy in the same specialty . . . that makes me cry.

Appointment w/ Dr. Maybe is in 9 days, and if ever there were need for the Nine Annoying Things Novena, that need is now.   Those who followed me over from the old place know how it works.  New friends, here’s the details:

How the Annoying Things Novena works:  When something annoying happens, you offer it up for your intention.  (Such as: My annoying thing.)

The nine-day version is perfect for people who plan ahead, and who can count on at least one annoyance a day.  But look, there’s another version for those who join late: Between now and next Thursday, I bet nine annoying things happen to most of y’all. They don’t even have to be very very annoying.  You’re allowed to count things that would be annoying to lesser men, but no longer bother you, spiritually advanced as you are.  Or just used to it.

Super bonus: If nine annoying things don’t happen in time, you take that as your sign that our Lord wants you to extend the novena just a little bit longer.

Additional reasons this is a great novena:

  • If you forget to offer up your annoyance at the time it happens, you can just offer it up later, when you remember.
  • If you fail miserably at enduring your annoyance graciously, you just toss in the sorry state of your temperament as a supplemental annoyance.  (But it doesn’t count as two. Your sorry self is just part of that one-annoying-thing package.)

Final Note: It is not necessary to wrack up additional annoyances.  There have been reports of people participating in this novena promptly having a Very Bad Day.  Do not do this.  Just have a regular day.


Far be it from me to discourage you from praying additional prayers, but this is one that’s particularly suited to the overwhelmed and already-prayed-out circles in which I tend to travel.  Thank you very much to everyone who’s been praying, and thank you to those of you joining in now.

For some encouragement, here’s a note from a friend who reported in the last time we did this:

I have to tell you, noticing every little irritation and offering it up for you has been a great gift to me, spiritually. I had no idea how many small, practically invisible little crosses (the incessantly barking dog, the momentary irritation with my daughter, spilling food on the kitchen floor) that I don’t dwell on, normally, have become little treasures!!! I’m so happy to have been shown this way of praying for someone.

See? Try it.  You might like it.

Meanwhile, if you have a prayer request, please post in the combox, and I’ll offer up my annoyances for yours.  I assure you I can find nine things to be annoyed about, no problem.  I’m a pro.

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