On Dissidents, Freedom, and the Eich Case – The Essay You Need to Read.

On Dissidents, Freedom, and the Eich Case – The Essay You Need to Read. April 9, 2014

The Federalist says, thoroughly, what I wish I could have done half so well: The Rise Of The Same-Sex Marriage Dissidents.  On marriage:

So why is marriage singled out throughout all time and human history as a different type of recognized relationship?

Well, what singled it out was that sex was involved.

On the Eich affair:

There’s much to be thankful for in aftermath of the madness of the Eich termination. For one thing, many people have rightly figured out that what happened there is terrifying. It’s not just natural marriage advocates but even some of same-sex marriage supporters most vocal advocates. I’m reticent to point it out but Andrew Sullivan took a break from vilifying natural marriage advocates, a long-time specialty of his, to wonder if maybe things had gotten completely out of control.

On lessons from Havel for maintaining a free society:

Havel says that party politics and the law are the weakest grounds on which to fight against group think. Instead, he says that the real place for dissidents to fight for freedom is in the space where the complex demands of the system affect the ability to live life in a bearable way — to not be fired for one’s views, for instance.

And much, much more.  Not short.  Not flippant.  Worth the effort.


Not-so-random Jen-themed trivia: I’ve had a soft spot for Vaclav Havel ever since I saw him give a talk when I was in high school.

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