How Not to Do Religion

How Not to Do Religion May 9, 2014

William Peace tells the tale that tops all the weirdo-magnet stories I’ve heard to date.  And he’s a magnet and I’m a longtime reader, so it’s pretty top.

Religion Tips 101:

  1. Try not to develop a theology that’s smack-dab contrary to the plain meaning of well-known scriptures in your religion of choice.
  2. Stalking people?  Out shopping? Really?
  3. Hateful gods aren’t that appealing.  I guess some people go in for that, but overall . . . not so much.
  4. If you make the people who give bizarre dietary advice seem like a picture of rationality, you’re doing it wrong.

I’m sure you can add your own. Which you’ll do at your own place, because comments are closed for my amazing Mother’s Day Weekend with the family.  Who are out swimming right now, but they’ll come back and you’ll have to take care of the Internet from there.


Edited for a strong language warning on the link.  W.P. is many things, but choir boy he is not.  Or rather, he’s like choir boys really are, not like their mothers imagine they are.

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