Iconic Book Titles Revisted

Iconic Book Titles Revisted June 6, 2014

Click through to see the detail on Audubon’s brilliantly apropos characterization of the northern mockingbird.

The other week we discovered that I am not the only creature about the household prone to insomnia.  There’s a resident mockingbird who also sometimes stays up nights.  It seems the two of us agree on the worst part sleeplessness, the sheer boredom of it all.  I write things, or read things.  The bird runs through his entire repertoire.  Loudly.  For about two hours.

The humans are divided: Is this trait endearing, or is it a sign someone ought to take up middle-of-the-night hunting?

Sooner or later I think the owls will take care of it.


Artwork: John James Audubon [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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