Speaking of Sex . . . Learn How to Think About Sex

Speaking of Sex . . . Learn How to Think About Sex July 31, 2014

You were probably thinking, “I already think about sex enough, thank you very much.”

But how well were you thinking about sex?

If your sex-thinking needs improvement — perhaps it needs more rigor, thoroughness, or clarity . . . consider signing up for Family Honor’s online college course, The Truth and Meaning of Sexuality, Love & Family: Cultural Implications.  The Fall 2014 session begins August 15th, and registration closes August 8th.

My husband and I took this course together, and here are my thoughts:

  • This course is suitable for ordinary educated people.  You don’t have to speak philosphy-jargon or read long technical manuals.  You will learn your topic well, but you’ll do it using reading and recordings at a level appropriate for someone who, say, reads this blog.
  • Unlike regular college, where you can kind of fake it and just cram for the exam, you have to do the homework for this one.  So when they say it takes about five hours a week, that is the time commitment.
  • Also unlike regular college, you can’t just memorize the answers and parrot them back.  I hated this part — the actual thinking things through and developing your own arguments — but it is a better way to learn, it turns out.

You work at your own pace through the week, but a real live human gives you feedback on all your assignments.  Also, since college tuition is not so cheap, the friendly people at the Family Honor office are practiced at suggesting avenues for finding financial aid.

Great course.  Highly recommended.


PS: Look here for the growing list of 2014-2015 classes for parents & teens.

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