Head’s Up, Combox Closing

Head’s Up, Combox Closing September 3, 2014

FYI – the disappearance of the combox is not a technical glitch.

I have the best readers around, and the comments on this blog have been overwhelmingly charitable, insightful, and helpful.  (Particularly from those who disagree with me, but from the like-minded souls as well.)

It’s been a pleasure over the past six months to host such civilized discourse; it is work, but work that I enjoy.

However reluctantly, though, I have to do the grown-up thing and say no to one good that I might say yes to others.  I’ve got a massive workload ahead of me for the foreseeable future, and thus a need to pare down all the bite-sized commitments that together eat up a hunk of time and focus.

What should you do?

Have you considered blogging? It’s free, requires no particular skill, and is the ideal medium for discussing things, especially things that other bloggers say.   If you’re the type of commenter who leaves long, thoughtful replies, blogging is probably for you.

If you’re a mini-commenter, Facebook or Twitter is probably more your size.

Some people, driven to desperation, even invite a friend over for coffee and conversation.  You could do that.

What should you not do?

But whatever you do, please don’t resort to sending out chain e-mails.  It’s not that desperate.


I’ll keep writing stuff, and you can keep writing about the stuff that I write.  Could be a big thing for all of us.

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Artwork: Gabriël Metsu [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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