Unclear on the Concept, Teachers Sexting Edition

Unclear on the Concept, Teachers Sexting Edition May 19, 2015

A friend passed on this article, about a public high school coach who texted her students a photo of a man licking the teacher’s ear.  You can read the article if you want to know more about the contents of the image.  Here’s the part we want to talk about here:

“This picture is extremely inappropriate,” Mafes said. “If she had on what I have on and he was licking her ear, it would still be extremely inappropriate.”

Mafes doubts the district will do much. However, district policy does state “Access to technology” should be used “solely for educational purposed and not for inappropriate purposes.”

Mafes says she doesn’t want the teacher fired, but she does believe some disciplinary action should take place. According to her, what makes it worse is her daughter is in middle school but goes to River Bluff to be coached by the woman in the photo.

Let’s be 100% clear: Yes, you do want this person fired.

Sending your teenage students lewd pictures (of yourself or anyone else) is a sign that you are not fit to be an educator.

Parents, clean up your moral compass. There is nothing uncertain about this case.  No adult should be sending your teenager photos of this nature.  Just no.  No.


If you are wavering on this, please remember that parents are required by law to send their children to this school, under pain of losing custody of their children, unless the parents can prove they are undertaking one of the expensive and/or burdensome alternative modes of state-approved education.  In other words, if this teacher isn’t fired, the proper headline is, “Parents Forced by State Law to Put Their Teens into Care of Adult Who Texts Lewd Photos to Minors.”

Wrong answer.  Let’s not go there.  Children deserve the opportunity to be educated without being sexually harassed.

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