Why Kolbe Academy for My Boy, In One Picture

Why Kolbe Academy for My Boy, In One Picture August 21, 2015

The boy is headed out to spend the weekend with some family friends (adults, not teenagers).  His dad, not much of a reader so if he says a book is entertaining it probably is, hands him a recent work of adventure-sci-fi to fill the downtime.

What the boy digs out of the new school books box instead:

Livy: The Early History of Rome
There just aren’t many schools still teaching this in 10th grade.

The boy does not have perfect grades.  He is a normal teenager with the usual spread of strengths and weaknesses.  But if he’s going to pass notes in class and scrape together papers at the last minute, as teenagers sometimes do, <cough cough where did he get that from cough cough>, I’m grateful there’s someone around to help him accidentally get a decent education despite himself.

And that’s it.  If you have a kid who really, really, really, likes military history, check it out.



Artwork courtesy of Amazon.com – Livy: The Early History of Rome, Books I-V (Penguin Classics) (Bks. 1-5)

FYI for the less martially-inclined: They do offer some alternatives to their traditional core.  Also, Kolbe always allows you to just not take a class and do something else instead.  Not trying to scare anyone away with pictures of metal dogs.

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