Misogyny and Motherhood

Misogyny and Motherhood September 14, 2017

I read in the news this morning of someone choosing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that a child might live.

Heroic, yes?

Let’s count out some of the cases when we would honor such a person:

  • Firefighters
  • Soldiers
  • Police Officers
  • Lifeguards
  • Bystanders jumping in to act like a firefighter, soldier, police officer or lifeguard.

We’ve honored quite a few of these heroes, civilian or in uniform, over the past several weeks.

How about this one?


Why is it that we think it’s heroic when men choose to give their lives to save another person . . . but we have doubts about whether women ought to be so heroic?

What mothers do is inherently heroic.

Not every mother has to physically die to save her child’s life, but every mother offers an enormous sacrifice from the moment she welcomes her child into her life.

Why do we try to avoid that heroism instead of encouraging it?


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia [CC 3.0]

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