What’s the Difference Between Abortion and Capital Murder?

What’s the Difference Between Abortion and Capital Murder? March 1, 2018

A seventeen year old girl in Texas gave birth at home alone, stabbed the baby, and stowed it the neighbor’s shed.  She faces possible charges of capital murder.  But really?  Just practicing medicine without a license.

If, say, Congress passed the Born Alive Abortion Survivor’s Protection Act, things might be different.  Then we’d have a law saying that you absolutely must finish stabbing your baby before it comes out of the womb.  But for the moment? What this girl did is no different than what they teach in medical school.  You meet people every day who do this.  You may well go to church with people who do this for a living, or at least offer it in their array of services.

She should not have killed her baby.  But she isn’t doing anything different than what the adults do, what our government approves and regulates, and what our Supreme Court has declared a fundamental right.  Don’t be shocked by the teenager.  Be shocked by the grown-ups.


Photo via Wikimedia, Public Domain

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