Sexual Harassment at Catholic University?

Sexual Harassment at Catholic University? July 31, 2018

Catholic University has taken back the honorary degree it gave McCarrick.  Let’s use some critical thinking:

  • McCarrick has a long history of involvement at CUA, dating back to his own student days and including stints as chaplain and dean of students.
  • McCarrick’s promiscuous and harassing behavior was an “open secret” so open even ordinary laypeople knew about it.
  • CUA gave him an honorary degree anyway.

Two possibilities: Somehow McCarrick was a predator in New Jersey but squeaky-clean in DC, and never the wife met the girlfriend?

Or . . . CUA was just fine with honoring a lecher, as long as he kept his hands off the jailbait.


In Conclusion . . .

Dear Child of Mine,

I apologize for suggesting you look into attending Catholic University.  You can go ahead and burn those catalogs they keep sending us.


Your Mother Who Doesn’t Send You to Schools Where Known Serial Sexual-Harassers Are Given Honorary Degrees.

PS: Notre Dame you never had a chance. Just quit e-mailing us.  Thanks.

File:Kamchatka Brown Bear near Dvuhyurtochnoe on 2015-07-23.png

Photo by Robert F. Tobler, CC 4.0, courtesy of Wikimedia.  Doesn’t fully capture how I’m feeling, but it’s a start.


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