Racist vs. Regal

Racist vs. Regal February 19, 2020

I was appalled to see this defense of police-sponsored racist harassment by John McWhorter writing at The Atlantic of all places, making the case that it’s okay to vote for a viciously racist authoritarian regime, as long as it’s not Trump.  Um . . . no?  Just no.

And while we’re at it, that’s a big fat no to offensive stereotyping in the name of high fashion, and in what backwards world must we depend on The New York Post to cover that story?  Why is this not causing wider outrage?

This is fascinating to me as a person who watches from a distance the non-stop parade of wokeness spewed forth by our elites . . . but then this?  Just how?

So give yourself something beautiful for a change.  For example: Creative Soul Photography’s stunning portfolio of pop-culture princesses re-envisioned.  Flip through them all, which stand on their own merits even if you aren’t expert enough in your Disney-viewing to figure out who the originals are (answers in the comments for each photo). Regal.

You know art has succeeded when it makes you think, “Now that is a princess.”

File: Florestine Perrault-Collins .jpeg

Photo: Self-portrait of Florestine Perrault Collins, courtesy of Wikimedia, Public Domain.


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