To a Baby, “Abortion” vs. “Infanticide” is Hair-Splitting Hypocrisy

To a Baby, “Abortion” vs. “Infanticide” is Hair-Splitting Hypocrisy January 14, 2021

Topic change, but hardly a breather.  After a long hiatus from online reading, I was scrolling the news in my feed reader, and came across this terrible story out of Wisconsin about infanticide.

Because the parents murdered their child, they’re being charged accordingly.

Allow me to be very clear: Infanticide is gravely evil.  No way around that.  I won’t excuse it under any circumstance.

And yet.  And yet . . . what these two young parents are guilty of is doing on their own, privately, what licensed medical professionals do for a living.

So I get pretty angry on behalf of these young parents, not because they ought to be allowed to kill their baby (or anyone else’s), but because I can see right through the hypocrisy.

Anyway, I’m on the hook for this business of learning to be civilized in my discourse.  But probably don’t bring up infanticide to me unless you’re all-in on your defense of the sacredness of innocent human life.

Portrait of four children (and a fifth in view on the side), circa 1916.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia, public domain.

(And before you go all straw-prolifer on me, yes I’m 100% in favor of doing all we can to support parents in crisis pregnancies; doing the things to prevent pregnancy from being such a crisis in the first place; providing massive protection and assistance to women who have been raped, trafficked, or otherwise abused; and also, in the face of laws against abortion, of providing legal protection to medical personnel who legitimately need to deliver a child prematurely, even when the chances of the child’s survival are low to zero, in order to save the life of the mother.)

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