The US has a Sexually Transmitted Infections National Strategic Plan?!

The US has a Sexually Transmitted Infections National Strategic Plan?! May 20, 2021

Interesting thing I learned this morning, reading this article at STAT about the rise in congenital syphilis in the US: There’s a plan.

Not sure who within the HHS developed the plan and I haven’t had time to read through it and develop an opinion.  I did a quick concept-search and found this consoling passage on scientists doing science:

CDC advises that the most reliable way to avoid STIs is to not have sex (i.e., anal, vaginal, or oral). Also, for those engaging in sexual activity, being in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner is one of the most reliable ways to avoid STIs.

Thank you, HHS, for at least saying it.

Grown-ups: Kindly understand that there’s a segment of college-age students who are actively encouraged by their same-sex peers to be flagrantly, shamelessly promiscuous.  It’s a real thing, and like our STI epidemic, it didn’t come from nowhere.

Medicine will always be sprinting from behind in the attempt to clean up the mess of our profound cultural disorder where right use of our sexuality is concerned.  Nothing new under the sun, but still: There’s a better way to live.

File:"Writing the Letter" (9522137445).jpg

Photo: Mother writing a letter to her son, a soldier seen in a photograph at the mother’s elbow, while two young boys  look on; circa mid-20th century, from the USMC archives.  Courtesy of Wikimedia, CC 2.0.


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