More Stats from The Pillar

More Stats from The Pillar July 23, 2021

The Pillar reports this afternoon:

. . . after a review of commercially available app signal data showed patterns of location-based hookup app use at more than 10 archdiocesan rectories and clerical residences during 2018, 2019, and 2020. There are 212 parishes in the Newark archdiocese.

Assuming that “more than ten” is less than fifteen, that means between 4.7% and 7% of parishes in the diocese were affected.  Let’s round conservatively to approximately 5%, and we can console the extremely aggravated truly-working-on-chastity portion of the clergy that 95% of Newark diocese parishes showed no hook-up app activity during the sampled periods.

I would, tongue-in-cheek, give the diocese a grade of “A” based on those numbers, except . . .

In contrast, the same publication reported in “How Extraordinary is the Extraordinary Form”:

Four hundred thirteen venues listed offer at least one Extraordinary Form Mass every Sunday, while the other 244 offer the Extraordinary Form only on some Sundays or on weekdays.

There are nearly 17,000 active Catholic parishes, so the 657 venues represent less than of 4% of all Mass venues in the United States.

Which has been identified as a threat to the unity of the Church, sooo . . . anyway.  A very interesting week to be Catholic.

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