Happy Easter & A General Update

Happy Easter & A General Update April 19, 2022

Checking in here to wish you a blessed Easter, lest you wonder whether I’ve forgotten there’s a holy season afoot.  For those who are just returning online or otherwise weren’t aware, most of my strictly-Jesus blogging has moved over to jenniferfitz.substack.com. Right here at Patheos remains my default location for controversy, Rant-O-Rama, and off-topic miscellany.

FYI there’s no paywall at the substack.  A free subscription sends all content to your inbox, so you don’t need to brave the infinite scroll in order to keep up.  You can also just check-in directly on the website from time to time.  The same is true here: Check the sidebar to sign up for e-mail delivery.

You can also subscribe at both places via the feed-reader of your choice. As someone who subscribes to dozens of blogs, newsletters, and news outlets across the spectrum and ranging from massive corporate productions to tiny personal weblogs, I can attest that the age of blogs is far from over. If anything, I’d say there’s been a resurgence of late.

For those looking for me live online, my only active social media presence is @JenFitz_Reads on Twitter.  The theme is Whatever the Heck I Felt Like. Some cat-content, but I try to keep the cat from actually typing himself.

How’s it going, Jen?

I give myself a B- in the life department.  Lost a good two months this winter to catching every dang thing circulating in town, nothing serious, just a lot of it.  (COVID went fine, for the record, and my non-scientific feeling is that the vax did help make it that way.)  This spring I’ve deployed a strategy of germ-avoidance that appears completely irrational but actually there’s a logic to it, and which seems to be helping in terms of how much time I lose each time I catch the hot new virus trending at the kids’ high school.

A year of aggressively Doing All the Things has coincided with a huge turnaround healthwise, and I’m going to assume correlation is causation for the moment.  I remain firmly in the awkward phase where I more or less act like life is normal and try not to think too much about the part where I’m still behind on 60% of the things responsible people do.

So if it seems like I’m ignoring you? I’m not.  You’re on my mind, in my prayers, and sooner or later we’ll get there.  Meanwhile: Happy Easter!

A plate full of wax-painted Easter eggs. Reminiscent of traditional Alsatian pottery designs.

Photo: Wax-painted Easter eggs via Wikimedia, CC 4.0.

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