Free Speech is . . . Free

Free Speech is . . . Free May 1, 2022

I’m cracking up at the assertion that we somehow need a government agency, with a lead bureaucrat, staff, and salaries and furniture and office space and press meetings and publicity all the things taxpayer dollars can buy, in order to have . . . “free” speech.

No, no sweetie pie.   Though difficult to come by, administratively-speaking free speech is in fact free.  You don’t have to hire someone to tend to it. You don’t need a dear leader to manage it for you.  You just have it.  We got ours circa 1791, and it doesn’t need any expensive improving or updating.

Attempts to curtail it are expensive — they require busybodies and enforcers leading to long, drawn-out court cases employing high-priced lawyers which eventually (alas not always as immediately as the case deserves) result in the busybodies and enforcers being put back into their places and the rule surviving.

Trying not to have freedom of speech, and defending your right from the people so doggedly attempting to take it from you, is the expensive thing.

Actual free speech? Doesn’t cost a cent to administrate, because there’s nothing that needs administrating.

People just say what they wanna say, done.

In this economy, with this federal debt? Maybe we ought to stick to the streamlined, frugal, humans-rights-protecting plan.

The Wabash Blue Bird, a silver and blue, streamlined mid-century modern train

Interestingly, a search for “blue bird” on Wikimedia turned up an assortment of results that were not birds and most of them weren’t even blue.  This one is the Wabash Blue Bird, read more about it here. (Public Domain)

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