April 3, 2015

For the last five years I have tried, and often managed, to write something for every Good Friday. There is some overlap, of course, but it’s mostly in the theme of the line at the end of the first column, about my unusual reading for the day: “Jesus and the Holocaust gets the mood and the magnitude of Good Friday exactly right. There is hope here today, but it’s buried pretty deep.” We’ll pass over the next two columns (here... Read more

February 6, 2015

Trying to understand this Hindenburg-level PR disaster. Read more

February 6, 2015

Steve Taylor's back, and he's taking aim at only the tallest targets. Read more

February 5, 2015

Back to blogging, after a very long break. Read more

December 14, 2012

Still recovering from that early morning showing of the Hobbit. Two observations: 1) Thank God Elijah Wood had only a glorified cameo appearance in this one. 2) If Andy Serkis doesn’t win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for Gollum, the voting was rigged. Read more

December 11, 2012

From Weird Al: The Book, by Nathan Rabin (with Al Yankovic): Al was an unabashed pop-culture obsessive before it was cool. He was a geek before it was cool. He was uncool before being uncool became cool. Read more

December 11, 2012

The first idea was to title this post “Things I Hate About Air Travel,” but that seems too limited. Here are a few of my “hates” about the horrors of modern TSA-dominated air travel. Readers are invited to share their own in comments. Check-in: Theoretically this has gotten easier in the past few years as we’re given the option of auto-check-in. But that only applies if you aren’t checking any luggage and I find that the machines frequently do not... Read more

December 11, 2012

… I am back, only a little worse for the wear. Read more

November 26, 2012

Probably should have put up a “gone fishin” sign so, sorry about that folks. The elections ground me down to the point that I needed to take a break. It wasn’t so much the result that got me as the whole political ordeal. My God I hate politics, even as I find it fascinating. I hate how much time politics takes up. I hate what politics does to people. I hate how it warps our perceptions of truth and justice... Read more

November 14, 2012

I don’t know why so many people are complaining about President Obama’s management of the economy. According to our best available indicators, America’s black market is booming. What more do you want, bank accounts, credit, 30-year mortgages? I mean, really people! Aren’t those pretty much the things that got us into this mess in the first place? What a bunch of ingrates! *Ahem!* That was my attempt to mix talk radio with chic ironic bitterness. How’d it go down for... Read more

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