Better Safeway Than Sorry

Better Safeway Than Sorry June 26, 2012

“Did you show them your beard?”

That’s what Real Clear Science editor Alex Berezow wanted to know after he learned I’d been carded at the Lynden Safeway.

What happened was I went shopping for a few groceries this evening and snagged two beers on the way to checkout. The checkout girl asked to see my ID. I was visibly flabbergasted.

She tried to come up with a reason why the question she’d just posed wasn’t absurd to the nth degree.

“Better safe than sorry,” she cliched.

“I’m just shocked that you would ask me for ID,” I said.

“We have to ask if you look under 30,” she whiffed again.

“I guess,” I said as I gathered the bags and made a concerted effort to avoid rolling my eyes at her.

“You could take it as a compliment!” she called out, as I got out of there.

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