My Thoughts After The Election: Rise Up

My Thoughts After The Election: Rise Up November 10, 2016

I think I can finally breathe again, awakened from the shell -shock. But the deep grief — it lingers.


I have waited to post for many reasons. Most of all, however, I want to be an agent of God’s peace on this earth, even though right now I feel anything but peaceful. I have, as usual, much to say.


First, congratulations to those of you who wanted Drumpf to win. I understand that your feelings run just as deeply as do mine. While those feelings are very different from my own, I choose to think that for the most part you are good, hard-working people who just want what’s best for your country, your families, yourself. Just like me. I don’t choose to demonize you.


For the Drumpf supporters I know personally — and I’m not talking about just the people who have somehow popped up on my Facebook feed. I’m talking about the people with whom I have engaged in dialogue (both on and off-line) about this — I know this about you. Just like me, you want what you think is best.


Second. There is something I want you to know about me — about us. Some of us gladly supported Hillary and some of us did so because #NeverTrump, and what we are feeling now is not the bitter soreness of having lost. Rather, it is a deep and dark despair because what we saw in Drumpf terrified us. Worse, we saw his speech and actions light up and embolden the latent racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia in our nation’s populace. This hatred began to remind us not of everything that was ever great with America, but rather everything that’s ever been wrong.


And there has been a lot wrong with America.


The rhetoric of the Trump campaign has summoned images of lynchings and KKK rallies in the minds of many of us; Nazi Germany and the holocaust is another image that rises up in our throats; worse is the collusion of the silent majority in these horrific issues — the way hundreds of thousands of people let these things happen on their watch.


Not on my watch.


As a straight, cis, white Christian woman I am one step away from the top of the privilege heap, and I am terrified for my friends who are on the lower rungs of this seemingly impenetrable fucking pyramid. They have been directly threatened by our new commander in chief, and they are afraid. Even our children have been filled with fear by this man’s rhetoric. A friend’s son is afraid to go to school because he doesn’t want the kids to tease him about getting sent back to Mexico. Another friend’s daughter wanted to understand why the next president is so mean. This morning, my son cried because he is afraid for his friends who are Muslim.


And as a result of this, we honestly don’t understand you. We understand that you are frustrated. We understand that Hillary may represent the establishment, we understand that you think she is corrupt. But we don’t understand how you can think Drumpf is any different from her — any less corrupt, given all his bankruptcies and law suits and closeted tax returns. And we are honestly flabbergasted that all these other things — the racism, the hatred, the sexually predatory nature of this man — are okay with you. That you can minimize them and decide they are unimportant. That you can shrug them off and redirect to a different candidate.


We honestly wonder — how do you justify it?


Seriously. When you take Hillary and her emails and her foundation out of the picture, and you are just left with Trump, in what sorts of mental gymnastics do you have to engage to be proud and excited about your choice? What excuses do you have to make for him?


And please — stop saying it has anything to do with God. The other day, some guy from my church said on Facebook that God will judge anyone who votes for Hillary. Really?




Aside from the bad theology there (grace, anyone?) I really have a hard time imagining the end-days conversation in which I get damned to hell for supporting Hillary but a Trump supporter gets off scot-free. I don’t see Jesus sitting on his throne going, “You over there — you voted for Hillary? You’re off to the hell-fires. But you? You voted Trump? Meh, I could do without the racism, but that pussy-grab really sealed it for me. You’re good.”


Listen — I ask these questions not with judgement but out of real desire to understand you. Because I want — truly want — to be an agent of peace. And before peace must come understanding. Help me to understand the pain you are in that made you make this choice. Because right now, my open, bleeding heart really doesn’t understand you. I desperately want to love each and every one of you because that’s what Jesus asks me to do — and I love him most of all — but I’m struggling here.


Third. I will walk the fine line of respecting the Office of the President but I will call shit out when I see it. I will use whatever tiny little platform I have to promote peace, justice, love, help for the poor, and equality for all with every fiber of my being, working brain cell in my head, letter on my keyboard. I will not rest easy.


I will rise up.


I will continue to speak love and truth and to refuse to give in to fear. I will care for the outcast, I will love the other, and I will be an agent of peace whenever possible.


Hey, maybe I’ll even run for office.  Or actually become a pastor. I dunno.


If you’re looking for ways to take similar action, I want to make you aware of a few places you might be able to get started. Some are faith based initiatives and others are secular. Check them out, get involved, and be ready to Rise Up.


CONVERGENCE: An initiative of Progressive Christians collaborating in the areas of peace, people, poverty and the planet to shape a more just and generous world.


We Stand With Love: A progressive interfaith organization that commits to replacing fear-based politics with love for one another and a promise to protect each other.


The Work of the People: A wonderful site to escape the trauma of this election, delve into some beautifully executed teaching films, and practice private worship.


Brand New Congress: For the political activist in you, this organization seeks to replace all of congress in one big organized swoop.


God bless us all.








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