Particular realities

Particular realities April 19, 2005

Issue #8: Particularism

One of the most exciting issues is also a potential problem; I have heard many speak of the “particularism” of the Emergent movement and by that mean that the gospel will manifest itself differently in each location – and I couldn’t agree more with Andrew Jones knowing that the Emergent movement in UK will look different than the one in Southern California or up in Minneapolis where Doug Pagitt is — and that the goal is to let the gospel do its work in each setting and let’s just see what happens. I happen to think this is laudable, but potentially simplistic: each gospel work will be singular but it will not be unique since its Spirit is the same, since the gospel is about Jesus Christ, and … well, there will be some commonalities.

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  • I think you raises a great point here and one that needs a lot more thinking about if we are pursue real dialogue and listening between the exsisting church and emergent. maybe back the the vacuum Brian McLaren begins to hint at towards the end chapters 12-15 of Generous Orthodoxy. However i can’t shake the feeling that the vaccum with emergent scene is the need a more rigrous ecclesiology that takes in process and “particularism” and the commonalities you highlight.