Jesus Creed, the Movie Star

Jesus Creed, the Movie Star February 22, 2007

Not sure if you are much of a movie goer, but a friend and I just
went to see the movie Breach and there is a section in the movie
where the main characters are in a catholic bookstore. As they are
talking, they pan in on one of the bookshelves and there sits your
book, Jesus Creed. I hear the new thing in advertising is product
placement…even better when its free! If you see a jump in sales in

the next few weeks, perhaps the subliminal advertising works…
Anyways, my friend and I got a chuckle about it and thought you would
like to know that your book is a movie star…
Todd Hiestand

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  • Rick the Texan

    Next year:
    And the Oscar for best supporting book goes to…”

  • It’s like the time I was watching that show “Blind Date” and noticed Brian McLaren’s book “More Ready Than You Realize” sitting on the guy’s nightstand.

  • I wonder if that made him more or less attractive to his date…

  • Robin Dugall

    Glad it was the cover and not Scot’s picture! Just kidding…

  • Hilarious.
    In Stranger than Fiction (Will Ferrell, Dustin Hoffman) I noticed what was unquestionably the first Left Behind book on the shelf in Dustin Hoffman’s character’s office. Weird.

  • My 2 cents

    During the Persian Gulf War, there was a correspondent at the department of Defense that always placed different books on the shelf behind him purposefully. It got to be the rage to watch his reports and go see what those books were all about. More of a rage/thing than the “skud stud.”

  • Hey Scot –
    I just wanna know how much you paid to have your book front and center in that movie. Ha – That’s cool that your book is there. Maybe you will see a big bang effect on sales on that book. Maybe the world (Christians) will learn what it means to love God and love others. I am glad your book is there.

  • Oh boy: “The Jesus Creed” in movies; and Scot McKnight in Wikipedia ( Think he’s gonna talk to us anymore?

  • Wasn’t the movie set before Jesus Creed was published, or just the events the movie was based on.

  • My 2 cents

    Look at that! you are in Wikipedia! And remember when it was just cool enough to be on Amazon?

  • Brad

    I didn’t know you that you were Catholic. 😉

  • Mike,
    I didn’t know about Wikipedia. Thanks for that.
    I have no idea … not seen the movie. And my students today told me it isn’t even out. But they thought I should pay for them to go, or at least bring the movie into class.
    Paraclete sells lots of books to RC bookstores.
    OK folks … the blog right now is not notifying me by sending me an e-mail each time someone comments, so I’m having some trouble adjusting.

  • test

  • Can I still call you Scot?
    You’re welcome. Finding you on Wikipedia was a real kick for me, too. That entry must have happened within the last couple of weeks.
    Oh, and you are in “Theopedia” too with a picture to boot!
    So, congrats and God bless you!!!!!!!

  • My 2 cents

    I think we can dispute Wikipedia, can’t we?

  • Scott G

    Brad Boydston wrote the wikipedia article, and talks abouts it in his blog, Feb 12, 2007 entry.

  • Good Granny, McNightie. What’s a woman got to do to get in Wikipedia? And such a dapper photo! Wow!

  • pat

    Going to the movie tonight..can’t wait. You are way to famous!