Pleas and Praises

Pleas and Praises March 28, 2007

The psalmist often declares his commitment to God and to God’s Word and therefore he believes the Lord should deliver him. Notice these lines:
May your hand be ready to help me,
for I have chosen your precepts.
I long for your salvation, O Lord,
and your law is my delight (119:173-4)
We see commitment; we see request. It is not so much justification of himself as it is overt confidence that, since he has observed the Torah and since God promises blessing to the Torah-doer, he believes God ought to deliver him out of God’s faithfulness.

This is an old theme in this psalm; it is one that tends to make Protestants nervous; it is a theme, however, that has more merit than we might admit. He is not claiming self-righteously that he’s superior to others, but instead of his utter commitment to God and that God promises blessings. His declaration of commitment, then, is not simply an observation but a window into a system: I’ve done my part, You are faithful, now do yours.

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  • I think too we Protestants and evangelicals seem nervous with the idea that we can do righeousness, though Scripture calls us to that (e.g., Psa 15).

  • Lori K. Barbeau

    Wow. Psalm 15 has quite the list of things that I can work on right here and now.
    So it seems to me that if I choose to act out Psalm 15 in my home and neighborhood and work life, I will experience both the life of Jesus in me and the confidence in God that the Psalmist exhibits in the above passage.
    And I LONG for that confidence.