Oct 19, 20: Be there!

Oct 19, 20: Be there! October 15, 2007

We had a conference call the other day about the emerging event in Austin Texas scheduled for October 19 and 20. This will be a highlight event I think. We hear that the registrations are climbing rapidly and some special discussions are planned.
Emerging Event in Austin Texas.
First, we will have en evening devoted to a conversation about what emerging leaders believe — theologically. We’ll be talking about their views of Scripture and the atonement and the Trinity.

In addition, Dan Kimball will be making a special presentation about not only about his book,They Like Jesus but Not the Church.
After this special Saturday morning event, we will be discussing the impact of the emerging movement on culture and the Church. I hope you can schedule this event.
Now that the Cubs are not in the World Series or the NLCS, there are no excuses.

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  • Kenton

    You’re killing me! I’m trying to work it out to go, but we’ll see.

  • Friend of Pascal

    Wooo hooo. I’ll be there 🙂

  • Mike

    I was going to coming…but, I’m enjoying the leisure of my sabbatical.
    Make sure you go to Rudy’s BBQ! Tell you host/hostess: “I was told to go to Rudy’s. Please.” 🙂

  • Friend of Pascal

    Mike…you are apparently a man gifted with wisdom. Rudy’s Rocks. Might I add try the creamed corn. You don’t have to be a fan of creamed corn to like it from Rudy’s!

  • Mike

    OK: You read it from me. You read from Friend of Pascal. You know what happens when two or more are gathered…and yes, the creamed corn rocks!
    I took my wife and daughter there for the first time post-Hurricane Rita a day or so. Not many inside as it was late. So, I wind my way through, look at the menu, and realize: they are still standing just inside the door wide-eyed. They thought I had brought them to eat BBQ at a gas station.
    They were right: on both counts…you gotta eat there to get the full effect of this story…

  • Friend of Pascal

    You really must listen to the wisdom of Mike. You can’t visit Texas without eating dinner on butcher paper.

  • discokvn

    on a completely different note… check out the continental club for some great music… or the gospel brunch at Stubbs BBQ, always a good time…

  • April

    I’ll be there! Scot, after listening to and reading a lot of the emerging church leaders for the past few years, I have to say I’m mostly looking forward to hearing your take on things. Your mature perspective is a critical part of conversation, in my opinion.