Jesus Creed in Music

Jesus Creed in Music October 4, 2009

Aldersgate.jpgThis summer we were at Aldersgate UMC in Alexandria Virginia and we were deeply honored to hear a musical rendition of the Jesus Creed. Andreas Barrett, who wrote the song and music, now has the piece available for free streaming and I hope you stop by to listen to it.

I’ve been listening to it during my commute to school — nice way to recite the Jesus Creed.

Let me tell you how I feel when I experience things like this: honored. When it happens just before preaching, especially when you are not sure about details, can be overwhelming. That’s how I felt when I listened to the wonderful music of Andreas Barrett. 
Thanks much, brother. 
Music takes words to the next level.

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  • Chris Miller

    I stopped by and what a wonderful serendipity. Wonderfully worshipfull!

  • RJS

    Cool. It is available on Amazon for purchase as well (The Jesus Creed)

  • Dana Ames

    Nicely done, from a composition perspective. Very helpful for keeping the mind on “these things”: true, honorable, just, pure, pleasing, commendable, excellent, worthy of praise, life in the shalom of God.

  • John Jackson

    The Jesus Creed is now available on iTunes as well. Andreas and I are recording songs under the name Seven Mile Walk. Thank you for listening!