Jesus Creed during Lent

Jesus Creed during Lent January 28, 2010


We got fresh word recently that a number of churches, from a variety of denominations, are using 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed for Lent.
So let me encourage you, if you are looking for ideas, to consider using Lent as a time to reflect on and pray about and practice loving God and loving others — with a view to God’s love in the cross and resurrection.
We tend to think of Lent as a time of sorrow and repentance and grief, and that is one of its core ideas. But we don’t grieve in order to heighten our capacity to grieve or repent so we can focus on our ability to repent. If Lent has its proper impact, it will form us spiritually — and to be formed spiritually is to grow in love of God and love of others.
This book has 40 short studies on the Jesus Creed — beginning with Jesus and then developing how the rest of the New Testament took Jesus’ fundamental idea and reapplied it and reused it and saw it as the center of how a follower of Jesus is to live.
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  • Rick

    Great book. It really can make a big impact- on many age groups.
    I have my 16 year old daughter reading it. Not sure how it would impact her, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw taped on her bedroom wall, in large wording written on various sheets of paper (creatively positioned), the Jesus Creed.
    I could not help but smile.

  • Matt

    Dear Scot,
    This might be a bit of unfair question, but is this book suitable for small group contexts?

  • Hi Matt,
    I’m Scot’s publisher. He saw your question and asked me to post an answer since he is on the road.
    We have sold this program to thousands of churches across the country which are using this book (and DVD) in small groups. We hear feedback about the great positive impact the Jesus Creed study has on congregational life.
    Of course Scot can answer your questions. In addition we have a pastor on staff who loves to talk about this program. Feel free to call Paraclete and ask for Bob Gibson.
    Pam Jordan

  • Scot McKnight

    Matt, just got home … Pam answered that question well. I hear about churches using the book often enough, including a wonderful story in Iowa, but there’s something special going on these days with this book. It seems more and more have caught on to its value for Lent — and I’m glad because I think we’ve turned Lent too often into a morose time of sorrow instead of the glorious anticipation of the redemption in Christ — and the transforming power at work in that redemptive work to make us genuine people who can love God and love others with everything we’ve got.

  • Michael

    our church did this in the fall – 7 sermons on the topic and also encouraged everyone to read the book. We are Lancaster, PA which is “stoic German” country which means people rarely give you any feedback! Having said that, I received a good bit of response on this and it stimulated our church’s interest in loving the neighbors around us.
    So I’d recommend this for churches too.

  • Is the book a reworking of the material in The Jesus Creed with a different format or is it additional material?

  • Scot McKnight

    Becky, of course there’s a little overlap to explain what the Jesus Creed is, but after that this is all new stuff – and shorter chapters.
    Here’s how I wrote it: every morning I got up, said my prayers, sat with a Greek text, read and pondered and then wrote a brief study on a Jesus Creed idea. Then printed it out, Kris read it at night and made suggestions, and then the next morning I edited it … and began all over again. It took about two months to get the book done. A pleasant summer memory.

  • RJS

    Perhaps I’ll have to give it a look…

  • Greg Smith-Young

    We will be using the “40 days” book this Lent, to compliment our worship service themes which will focus on “Loving God, Loving Neighbour.” (My 2 congregations are located about 2 hours away from Toronto.)

  • Sounds interesting. Maybe Peter and I will work through it during Lent as well.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the feedback, Scot and Pam.