A Question for the Table

A Question for the Table October 15, 2010

Yesterday in my 4th Year Seminar, which is devoted to examining “What is the gospel?”, I set out a scenario, generated a very good set of responses, and want to provide the same scenario for the blog this afternoon.

It’s the 1st Century and here’s a make-believe event. You enter the room with some other followers of Jesus. At the Table you see Jesus flanked by Peter and Paul. You and your friends ask a question to the Table: “What is the gospel?”

In one scenario, I suggested, Jesus, Paul and Peter would have an equal voice and each would give his answer. This view I called the “flat Bible” approach where we believe in the Bible and whatever it says is equal.

In another scenario, I suggested, Peter and Paul would sit down and let Jesus answer the question, and they’d go along with whatever he had to say.

What do you think would have happened? [You can envision other sorts of scenario.]

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