Jesus Creed for Students — Giveaway

Jesus Creed for Students — Giveaway March 22, 2011

Syler Thomas and Chris Folmsbee, both youth pastors, and I have combined to write a Jesus Creed book for students.

This is a completely new book from anything I’ve written. It has been edited and edited to make it understandable and useful for students.

Today we are making a very special offer.

We are giving away 50 free copies of The Jesus Creed for Students: Loving God, Loving Others.

Here’s what you have to be willing to do:

To qualify for a free copy, you have to be willing to post something about this book on your Facebook page or on your blog. That’s all.

How to get one?

Write immediately to Jesus Creed for Students.

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  • Very excited about this! just posted to my blog and facebook

    Really enjoying One.Life as well

  • Dallas Rostad

    I just posted it to my Facebook. I’m also a big fan of The Blue Parakeet.

  • I love youth ministry and free. What a great opportunity! In the spirit of ‘Love Wins’ are we supposed to blog about what we think it is going to say, or do you want us to actually read it first. Because I am willing to do both. 🙂

  • angela

    I’d love a copy to look over for use with my students!
    I loved the original version and would love to adapt what’s in it to teach my students!

  • angela

    also, I was looking at preview of it on Amazon
    apparently this book is filed under catholic youth and catholic authors??? That seemed strange!

  • Very exciting. I just posted about it on Facebook.

  • Travis

    Thanks for this opportunity. I just posted to my facebook.

  • Travis

    Here’s the link to my facebook profile for proof!!/profile.php?id=1668242633

    Thanks again

  • Very excited about this book! Just posted on my facebook! and tweeted it!

  • Scot McKnight

    Sorry but you need to get a copy and then blog about it. That clear?

  • I so enjoy getting to see resources for youth ministry that get me excited! I posted about this on my blog which, through the magic of the internet has been sent out to both Facebook and Twitter!

  • Ha! It’s clear now, I was just so excited for something cool for free. Thanks.

  • Randall

    I just got my copy of One.Life last night. I can’t wait to get started reading it. I moved it ahead of “Love Wins”, which I also got and “Evolving in Monkey Town”. Scot set a high bar with A Community Called Atonement, I hope One.Life compares well to it.

  • Aaron

    When is Jesus Creed for students going to be released on book shelves? Anytime soon I hope?

  • JJ Johnson

    Alright it is now on my Facebook page…

  • Scot,
    What do you mean? I have to get the book, read it and then blog about it? What fun is that? 😉

  • Just posted it on Facebook.

  • Josh Hetrick

    Can’t wait to get a copy of this book, whether it is free or not! But I am a youth pastor so I love free things!

  • We’re in the middle of changing how we “do outreach” as a youth ministry, moving from the event-driven/altar-call method to equipping and empowering the students to be the truth and love of Christ everywhere they go. Any resource like this book would be AWESOME to use! Thanks for writing it, and thanks for offering it for free!

  • paul

    Look forward to doing a review of this.

  • Chris Critchlow

    Look forward to reading this and teaching it to the kids at my Youth Group. I will surely put a review of it on Facebook.

  • happy to spread the word via blog..
    have emailed as requested

  • I tweeted about it AND posted it to my facebook page at

  • Posting via my Twitter & FB Page

  • Posted it on my twitter and fb

  • Posted on my FB page, excited for this book and can’t wait to take a look at it!

  • Jaime B

    Posted on my FB page. I work with college students, would love to get my hands on this.

  • This sounds like a book that has a chance to make new inroads for Christ with a young segment of our population.

  • kristina recknagel

    would love to have this for my 14 year old son, he volunteers every sunday with the elementary students and would greatly benefit from it. God bless you guys for doing this. 🙂

  • Scot McKnight

    Jamie, first write to Paraclete — link above — then they’ll send you a copy and then you can post about it.

  • Posting it tomorrow on my blog. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Rob Van Ess

    I just posted on my FB page. I can’t wait to get my hands on this. I have a confirmation class that will eat this up.

  • I am really, really, really hoping Twitter counts because I tweeted this article on my Twitter profile. Facebook is blocked at this computer.

  • scotmcknight

    Chris, Did you first click through to Paraclete and ask for a book?

  • Christine

    Scot, so if we did click through to Paraclete yesterday, but didn’t hear anything, does that mean we weren’t part of the lucky 50?

  • is it still possible to get that free book? Just posted on my facebook about it. thanks!!

  • scotmcknight

    Sorry brother, too late. … they’ve given the free copies away.

  • Petra

    I picked up the Jesus Creed for students this morning. Love it.

    If there is a re-print, could you possibly consider putting the Hebrew Transliteration in the back with the prayer? I think that it would be meaningful to be able to say it as Jesus may have said it (as close as possible, unless the Aramaic is available), and an added challenge for us ADD prone…!!