Mabanteneni Update 1

Mabanteneni Update 1 January 11, 2012

Some of you will know that Jesus Creed supports the orphaned children in Swaziland at Mabanteneni Carepoint. We would encourage you to begin 2012 thinking about if maybe you might be prompted to help these poor children. The following post is written by the good folks at HopeChest … and we thank them for administrating care for those in need. If you are interested, here is the place to submit your interest.

It is a great privilege and honor to serve the orphaned and vulnerable children in Swaziland. As we live among them, love on them, and share the truth of Jesus Christ with them, we often wonder if they know the treasure that is within each one of them? Will these precious little ones realize the potential and promise that their Father in heaven has placed on their lives? Will they grow in their understanding that the same Lord of all creation who gave the gift of His only Son also cherishes them with a love that knows no limits? That is truly our hope and prayer and is the reason we join together in this work of ministering to the beautiful people of Swaziland!


The children at the CarePoint were blessed with a Christmas party! Our ministry partners (the six Swazi young people with whom we partner) helped to plan and to organize a very fun and festive day for the kids! There was singing and dancing. The exciting games included a dress up relay and “donut on a string,” where three kids raced to see who could devour a delicious donut dangling from a string the fastest…without using their hands! The Christmas story was told through a narration and a skit, acted out by our ministry partners and a visiting AIM Real Life team. The children also surprised us with a Christmas pageant of their own! A few of the kids acted out the Christmas story, and they shared some special music they had prepared. The bomake/gogos also shared a special song they were happy to perform for us!  A special meal was served: stewed beef, vegetables, potato salad, and rice.  The meal was topped off with some sweets and a refreshing ice lolly (Swazi popsicle).

The children were given a gift of hygiene kits, which included a face cloth, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, silly band bracelets, school supplies, and an extra age/gender appropriate gift. (Older girls were given sanitary napkins; older boys were given deodorant; and the younger/preschool kids were given a tub of petroleum jelly, which is used for moisturizing elbows, lips, cheeks etc…) All of them were delighted with their gifts!

The bomake and gogos (women who are the cooks, teachers and caregivers at the CarePoint) were also blessed with a hygiene kit and a blanket. They enjoyed being served their meal, rather than having to be the ones always serving others! We appreciate these beautiful women so much for their faithfulness and dedication to the children of their community.

Over the last quarter, a new cooking structure was built at this CarePoint! The bomake and gogos who do the cooking are very appreciative.


The work we are doing in Swaziland would be impossible without the efforts and contributions of the six Swazi young people with whom we partner. Veli and Smanga focus primarily on logistics (transportation of people and supplies, food delivery, property management, building projects/ repairs etc…). The other four partners, which make up the Nsoko Discipleship (D) team, are Phindile, Nelly, Celimpilo and Sanele. They are responsible for planning and implementing the Bible lessons that are delivered to the CarePoint children. The most recent teachings have been on the Armor of God, teaching the school age kids the different elements of guarding their hearts and minds. The Dteam has been busy identifying and training one of the bomake/gogos at the CarePoint in simple Bible lessons designed for the preschool age children.

The six Swazi leaders are also involved in a weekly Bible study and prayer/fellowship time. We just finished up a series by Frances Chan on courage and taking a stand for your faith.


  • Please pray for the community of Mabantaneni. Pray that the light and truth of the Savior’s love would abide in and around the CarePoint, spilling over into the homes of the kids who attend
  • Please pray that the members of the community who have misunderstandings regarding the purpose of the CarePoint would recognize the value and importance of supporting this ministry to the children
  • Please pray for the school children as they are finishing up their school year and heading into school holidays
  • Please pray for the bomake/gogos who give of their time; that they would continue to grow in their own spiritual journey and develop a lasting and true relationship with Jesus Christ that will spill over into their interaction with the children
  • Please pray for our ministry partners as they continue to grow in their relationship with the Lord, as well. Pray that as their faith grows and deepens, their discipleship of the children at the CarePoint will reflect that growth and maturity. It is our hope that new disciples and leaders are being raised up through the ministry team’s efforts


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    Thanks for the update. It has been a while – although we do get updates from HopeChest as well.