Confirmation: Thoughts?

Confirmation: Thoughts? February 24, 2012

I got this note from a pastor in a denomination that baptizes infants and then proceeds to catechism and confirmation, but this pastor has his doubts.

What wisdom do you have for him and for us? Let me insert another question here: What percentage of those who go through the catechism/confirmation process are turned down? Does the high number (almost 100% I’d say) suggest this is automatic?

I can’t really find any hard evidence [in the NT] for infant baptism and i wanted to make sure i wasn’t missing something.

I can identify with the covenant entrance idea. i was baptized as an infant. it came time for my wife to want to be baptized so I prayed and thought/studied on whether i should too…since i became a christian in college. I really felt like God was calling me to be at peace with the baptism I had…i felt like if i was re-baptized it would have been something that i was doing rather than focusing on something that christ did. not sure if that makes sense.

if you have time, what are your thoughts on the confirmation process?

i don’t really think our process is effective and it doesn’t really serve the purpose it’s supposed to. i was “confirmed” and while it provided me with head knowledge i was not a christian upon being confirmed. i see this with our students now…it’s not all that helpful of a process for them….but yet it’s one of those “untouchables” for change.

what do you think would improve confirmation?…

many times i have had parents with the attitude “well confirmation is the last thing i will make my kid go to…then they can be done”. it drives me crazy, confirmation isn’t supposed to be something you “graduate” from, it’s not the next level you check off your list…but that’s how our system is set up. why are we confirming students in 8th grade when they haven’t made a personal response to christ?

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