What is Love?

What is Love? June 9, 2013

Stephen Post:

Love manifests itself in different ways, all of which are necessary and useful. If love is the hub of a wheel, its spokes point outwards according to the needs of the beloved. There are at least ten modulations or forms that love takes.

Celebration is love affirming the lives and achievements of others;

Helping is love lifting burdens for others;

Forgiveness is love in response to contrition;

Carefrontation (confrontation being such a limited word) is love standing against destructive behaviors;

Humor is love uplifting and reframing in mirthful lightness;

Respect is love “looking twice” (re-spectare) at the views of  others; Attentive listening is love focused on the other’s narrative without distraction or interruption;

Compassion is love aware of suffering and responding to it with depth;

Loyalty is love sticking with others in their hard times;

Creativity is love making gifts for  others.

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