Little Town, Tiny King: An Advent Reflection

Little Town, Tiny King: An Advent Reflection December 19, 2014

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 7.59.48 PMLittle Town, Tiny King (by John Frye)

Imperial power, unwitting accomplice
Of ancient promises tucked in Jewish scrolls,
Arranged the birth of the tiny King and

Edict sealed its own imperial doom.

Israel’s hope, tempered by shameful exile,
Fragmented by competing causes to escort
God’s curious kingdom home,
Got lost in causes and missed the Christ.

Rome, drunk with might, wielded the sword,
Expanded its chest, rested in blood;
While Israel argued and spat its way
Toward whatever scrappy peace available.

Tiny king, prince of peace, almighty God
Walked dusty paths, touched dirty sores,
Healed broken legs and died cross-broken
Just as the honored scrolls foretold.

At ease again in the blood of Innocence,
Rome rested its case against a rival king,
While Israel shared the stupor of imperial
Might and marched deeper into darkness.

The tiny, now triumphant blazing King
Cancelled the ways of swaggering Rome,
Forgave the ways of the religiously blind,
With the deepest power of all—shocking love.

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