Trust in the Compassion of God

Trust in the Compassion of God June 3, 2016

Trust in the Compassion of God

June 3, 2016 Year C

Psalm 146:1-10

God is a God of compassion. One of the best reasons to praise God (Psalm 146:1-2) and hope in Him (Psalm 146:5) is because of His compassion. We don’t need to trust anyone else than God (Psalm 146:3-4).


There are ten different reasons to trust in the compassion of God. The first five reasons relate to the same commission by Jesus in Luke 4:16-18. God spoke through Isaiah about this mission to the outcast (Isaiah 61:1-2). The Holy Spirit would later anoint His Son to provide jubilee to these four groups (Luke 4:18). Jesus considered it His mission to reach out to the people who society neglected.

1. Executes justice for the exploited (Psalm 146:7)

When God executes judgment, He rules on the side of the exploited.

2. Gives food to the hungry (Psalm 146:7)

3. Frees those who are in bondage (Psalm 146:7)

4. Opens the eyes of the blind (Psalm 146:8)

5. Raises up those who are oppressed (Psalm 146:8)

In the final five reasons, the psalmist uses the same formula as other Old Testament prophets (Isaiah comes to mind.). God loves the righteous, protects the foreigner, the fatherless. He is against evil and will rule forever.

6. Loves the righteous (Psalm 146:8)

Because God is righteous, He loves righteousness and righteous acts (Psalm 11:7). If God is righteous, loves righteousness and righteous acts, then it follows that God loves righteous people.

7. Protects the foreigner

8. Gives community to the family-less

Again, we see that God loves the underdog (Psalm 146:9). In this set of verse, God cares for those who are neglected by society (Deuteronomy 10:18). God expected His people to care for those who could not take care of themselves (Exodus 22:22-23).

9. Frustrates evil plans

Implied in these acts of deliverance are the people who would mistreat others. There are people who have evil plans: to exploit, to deny, to imprison, to oppress, to hurt. These evil plans are frustrated as God works in favor of the unfavorable (Psalm 146:9).

10. Rules and reigns forever

Because of the power that God uses on behalf of the defenseless, God is able to reign forever. He is able to rule over everyone. No one can stop God. This fact gives us hope if we trust in God. We can know for certain that no matter how difficult things may get, no matter how unfair life may be, God will be compassionate for us. We can count on God’s loving compassion.

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