Remembering Memorial Day

Remembering Memorial Day May 29, 2017


Remembering Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day that Americans take to remember those who have died in service to our country. Below I have listed a set of links from a variety of writers on Patheos. Feel free to check these out.

Ponder Anew considers 11 Questions for Christians and Churches celebrating Memorial Day. He also warns against patriotic worship in our church services. Paul Metzger echoes the theme to honor the war dead and not religious propaganda.

Cranach explains why we have a Memorial Day holiday. He also shares a quick reminder to not forget its significance. Bruce Epperly reflects on the significance of sacrifice on this day. Kristy Robinett shares an insight on the sacrifice of others that allow you and me to be free. Roger Olson shares some random memories about Memorial Day.

Mark D. Roberts shares a prayer for Memorial Day. Kurt Willems shares a pacifist prayer as well. Scott McKnight advises how to preach in light of Memorial Day, and shares a prayer that reflects on peace. Anne Kennedy has a page of Memorial Day links.

I also wrote sermons for Memorial Day. These sermons include remembering our heroes, spiritual reminders, and making holidays holy again. Another sermon describes the spiritual warfare Christians engage in that require the power of the Holy Spirit.

Finally, Margaret Realy shares prayers and pies to use during this Memorial Day weekend.

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