What is a Christian?

What is a Christian? October 24, 2012

Adrian Warnock argues that we should accept a suitably broad definition of what is a Christian:

The belief that Jesus, having died for us, was raised bodily, leaving behind an empty grave and folded grave clothes gave birth to the Church in the first place. Throughout history no major group has used the name “Christian” without believing this. Whether you meet someone who says they are an Eastern Orthodox or a Pentecostal, you will almost certainly find they believe that Jesus rose again. There are some in recent times from the more progressive wing, the liberals, who do still want to use the label “Christian” despite denying that Jesus body literally left the tomb. To be honest, however, historically they really do not have any claim to do so. As has often been said, “If Jesus did not really rise again as he promised, why bother listening to anything he ever said?”

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