Lughnasadh July 26, 2009

Last night was our CUUPS Lughnasadh Circle. We kept the same basic format as we’ve done the past couple of years – a fairly simple ritual, followed by a Harvest Feast and bardic performances. This picture is Sammi, Ashley, Bonnie, Cynthia, and Michi singing “Battle Raven”, a rousing hymn to the goddess Morrigan.
I came back from vacation to a zoo at work – too few people trying to do too much with too many people yelling that it’s not good enough fast enough. One of the lines from last night’s ritual seems appropriate:

Now is the beginning of the Time of Ripening, when the labor of the Folk brings the Land to bear, when the Power of the Sun gives itself to the Power of the Earth. We gather in a moment of rest and pleasure, before the labor of the harvest.

Last night was a moment of rest and pleasure. Tomorrow the hard labor starts over again.

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