December 23, 2018

While I’ve come to accept that sometimes the Pagan community just doesn’t care about something as much as I do, there are times when I find myself screaming “this is important! Why are you not reading this?!” And why haven’t you signed the Book of the Beast? Read more

December 20, 2018

Three reviews: a new album by Damh the Bard, a scholarly and devotional book for the Dagda, and a hands-on introduction to Traditional Witchcraft. Read more

December 18, 2018

Forgiveness is a good and necessary thing, but some misguided people tell us we must always forgive in all situations, “for our own good.” Those people are wrong. Fortunately for us, there are several alternatives in between revenge and forgiveness. Read more

December 16, 2018

Success is not the sign of divine favor and hardship is not the sign of curses and demons – except when it is. Know who and what you’re dealing with. Be polite and keep your word. Be careful what company you keep. And when a problem has a spiritual cause, find the right spiritual solution. Read more

December 13, 2018

“Other people have it so much worse.” “Cheer up.” “It’s not that bad.” “You have so much to live for.” These clichés and memes are unhelpful and abusive and they need to disappear from our conversations. Read more

December 11, 2018

Live music in a ritual is great. But sometimes you don’t have good musicians in your group, or you really want to use a piece of recorded music to set up or enhance something in your ritual. I’ve been using recorded music in rituals for years. Here’s what I’ve learned. Read more

December 9, 2018

Many traditional activities for the Winter Solstice are designed for large groups, but many Pagans are solitary practitioners, either by choice or by necessity. Here are eight things you can do to celebrate the Solstice as a solitary. Read more

December 6, 2018

No fallen elders can break the ties between us and the Gods we serve. No racists, homophobes, or transphobes can come between those of us who gather in our common groves. No manipulative mages can rob us of the magic that is our birthright. Read more

December 4, 2018

I sometimes talk about how my experiences are so strong I no longer believe, I know. I stand by those statements. But I would be lying if I said I never have doubts. And I’m not the only experienced Pagan who would say the same thing. Read more

December 2, 2018

I love magical fiction, but there is one near-universal theme in it that I absolutely despise – the idea that magic is hereditary. Magic is about creating change in accordance with will, which is the birthright of all people, not just a few. Read more

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