Come Back, “e” Ecology Symbol!

Come Back, “e” Ecology Symbol! July 1, 2008
Right on

For years now I’ve been waiting for Ye Oldye Ecology Symbol to once again become the ubiquitous cultural icon it was in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s. Has it, though, and I just … don’t know that? Has The Little “e” That Could* become huge again, by any chance? I figure by now it must have. Symbols from the ’60’s seem quite the rage these days. And, except for the peace sign (which of course we now see everywhere), you can’t get more ’60’s than the “e” ecology symbol.

So, fully confident that I’m dorkily late suggesting this: Let’s bring back the “e” symbol for ecology and Earth Love and conservation and Being Green all that most excellent stuff that we need to do or die!

I mean, right? Ye Oldye “e” ecology symbol is the best. It used to be everywhere.

Come back, li’l e! It’s your time again!

(*The symbol is actually a combination of the letters “e” for environment, and “o” for orgasm organism. True.)

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  • FreetoBe

    And the #1 "possibly related posts: (automatically generated)" is ……. WALTER THE CLOWN.

    Anyway, yes, I'm with you. Let's bring back the 60's! No, I mean let's bring back the commitment to causes of the 60's. It was fun. I remember being ecology-minded, cleaning beaches, picking up trash at rest stops along the highways, etc., etc. Then I joined the armed services, and got training in the "government way".

    ANYway, was that the actual sign? I don't remember, I thought it was a lower-case e.

  • If this keeps going the way it is, we're going to have to dust off our brightly colored leisure suits and our dancing skills.

    Do the Hustle!

  • John,

    Yes! Awesome!

    Let's bring back this guy too! .


  • Elizabeth

    Oh, goodness gracious!!! Shall we also bring back disco balls and all that???? LOL

    I had totally forgotten the little e thingy… Man!!! Of course, I wonder if it would get mistaken in our culture now for all things electronic…

  • Mike Boyce

    What was good about the 60's I might ask. Loss of our American value system, drugs, failure to serve America, a peace symbol used by many to hide behind instead of taking responsibility for freedom, ecology aka envirnmental movement which prosecutes law abiding citizens for killing rats and cutting down underbrush which is nothing but kindling for forest fires? Yes, we as a country had and still have our problems. But the flourishing of the I, Me, Mine (apologies to the late George Harrison) generation has gotten us to the point of envirnmental fanatics and their government representatives being able to prevent common sense thinking and responsibities, the curtailment of American enterprise, judges interpretting the Constitution to suit their own political agenda and the obvious efforts of many to remove any indication of God, Christ and Christianity from the American landscape. We started down a very slippery slope in the 1960's and be it the peace symbol or "e" we dont need to encourage those who would fasten onto those wordly symbols as a "cause." Give me liberty or give me death (to this world).

  • Candace

    Huh. I'm a child of the 60s and 70s, and I don't remember ever seeing this symbol, or a little "e" in this context.

    Musta been smoking too much pot and dropping too much acid at Grateful Dead shows.

    How is it possible to simultaneously think to myself, "ah, those were the days", and be sincerely regretful of my wasted youth?

  • Candace


    AMEN 🙂

    Love this. Love you. Love Him.



  • FreetoBe

    Thanks dude, love ya back!

    (I'm a dudette, BTW)

  • Candace


    Duly noted!

    God bless 🙂

  • FreetoBe

    Ah, Candace, it wasn’t wasted. It was new, it was exciting, and it was preparation for us to accept our Lord Jesus at just the right time (God’s time) in our lives. We grew up, we learned how to make decisions on our own (albeit late ones), we learned how to weigh all the facts and decide which politician was lying and which would get us out of the war. Besides, God knew you and me, He loved us, and He waited for us. I can imagine the tears in His eyes as He waited day after day, year after year, for us to turn to Him and see that the newest, most exciting Person, Event, Experience, was waiting right there. Can you imagine loving Him any more than you do today? Neither can He love you any more (or less) than He does right now. Talk about exciting!!

    OK, done with the sermon. Don’t regret, Candace. Remember in love.

  • Dennis Ball

    I had one of those shirts. Mine was purple with the green theta and it said "Ecology Now" underneath the symbol. My parents bought one for me and my sister before summer vacation. I had to learn what ecology was… there was a movement at the time. Anyway, I miss that old shirt. I think they would sell like hotcakes. I would buy one in a heartbeat. It has to be purple with the green theta. I'm not sure if I could say the symbol was an E. And I'm not sure why that symbol was chosen for the ecology symbol. Epsilon would be "E".

  • John S

    What happened to the green and white american flag posters? and wasn’t there a small green “e” with Ecology Now under it? This stuff seem a lot cooler when I was in high school…

  • Solid!

  • Nancy Mason

    I was checking whether the Ecology symbol was what I had been visualizing, in my mind’s eye, for so many years…And eureka!, it was. I was in the sixth grade during the first Earth Day, and amazingly, our teachers dedicated an entire six weeks to ecology, specifically the ecosystems of Florida. We were in Cocoa Beach, FL which made a hands on learning experience possible. We had mangrove islands wading distance from the back of the school’s property and the beach was a whopping two blocks away.