Deletes My Post Questioning the Gender of God Deletes My Post Questioning the Gender of God March 9, 2009

As you might know, most everything I post on this blog appears simultaneously on, the largest Christian website in the world (with 3 million views a month, and some 250,000 subscribers).

In the two years I’ve been writing it, Crosswalk has only twice asked me to remove something I published on my Crosswalk blog. Yesterday’s piece, Do You, “Average Christian Reader,” Need God to be a “He”? is one of those times.

Crosswalk has always treated me very well, and I have zero problem with them asking me to remove from their site something I’ve published on it. It’s their site. When I worked as a magazine editor, it seemed like half my life was telling writers their stuff didn’t work. It’s nothing. The truth is I greatly appreciate Crosswalk’s patience with me. To say I’m not exactly like the other bloggers on their site is like saying a gorilla isn’t exactly like an earthworm. Twice in two years is nothing.

But this latest episode does, at least, prove what a hot-button issue the whole question of a gonadally-defined God still is. Who (besides, apparently, everyone but me) knew?

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