Christians: Can We Please Stop Embarrassing Ourselves With the Likes of Carrie Prejean?

Christians: Can We Please Stop Embarrassing Ourselves With the Likes of Carrie Prejean? May 13, 2009

You can just see how clearly unaware she is that this picture is being taken.

As both a Christian and a normal, everyday person, I find repelling (and maybe worse: boring) the idea of Carrie Prejean as anything resembling a moral authority. I don’t mind that she’s made her career presenting herself to the world as masturbatory fodder. Except for maybe Hugh Hefner’s family, I don’t see anything “family values” about that, but women getting paid to sexually objectify themselves is as old as craven desire itself. What makes absurd Ms. Prejean being positioned as morally admirable is that she’s such an absurdly blatant liar. Saying she didn’t know those soft-porn photos of her were being taken is like an armed bank robber saying he didn’t know anyone would put money in his sack. She’s lying. How she imagines anyone won’t think she’s lying is so far beyond me that I can only assume thinking isn’t one of Ms. Prejean’s strong suits.

It is certainly Ms. Prejean’s right to pose for the cheesecake photos she did. But if we Christians ever want non-Christians to take us any more seriously than they do, we have got to stop proclaiming as upright moral heroes people who by their actions conclusively prove that they have no more right claiming a moral high ground than Ryan Seacrest would have claiming he’s a brain surgeon. It’s good that Ms. Prejean stood up for her belief that gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married. But that belief is part of a moral code, the much larger part of which she egregiously violated by out-and-out lying in public about what, why, and how she did what she did.

Prejean’s bald-faced lying should have obliterated the possibility of Christians holding her up as a hero—much less as, of all things, a moral authority. We need to stop embarrassing ourselves this way.

(By way of an update to this post, I today [11/12/o9] The Reason Carrie Prejean Wanted Her Ex to Lie About Her Porno Tape.)





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