If CA Traffic School Isn’t a Scam, I’ll Eat My Ticket

If CA Traffic School Isn’t a Scam, I’ll Eat My Ticket January 9, 2010

[Major update! I can get online at this class! I’m gonna Twitter what it’s like here if the “instructor” doesn’t mind my totally not paying attention and goofing around online while, I guess, he tries out his nightclub material on the class. Right now it’s me and six other people sitting in this shabby “meeting room” at a hotel that ain’t exactly the Ritz-Carlton. Pretty grim. I’ll keep you posted.]

This morning I’m off to a one-day, eight-hour traffic class. Awhile back a camera snapped a photo of me running a red light. It was by literally inches; it was a huge intersection so I could see how safe it was; the intersection was at the bottom of long hill; I had some doink speeding behind me—but whatever. I did run the light. Fair is fair. Plus, I know CA needs all the money it can possibly suck out of its every last citizen. So I’m good for helping with that.

And man, did I ever. I had to pay $450 bucks, right off. (And that’s the first traffic/driving violation I’ve gotten since I was sixteen.) Keeping it off my record so my insurance rates wouldn’t go up meant paying the state another $50—and this morning I’ll have to pay another $40 for the class itself.

When you go to choose from the available state-sanctioned traffic classes, what you find is that even though there seems to be a lot of different people putting on the classes, they all have the exact same cheap website template—and the exact same contact number. It’s obviously one company pretending to be a lot of different companies. And on its site, each faux-company makes a huge point of telling you how the class involves no test whatsoever; how you won’t have to do anything but watch “fun” movies; how all the presenters are hilarious comedians; how you get pizza and/or tickets to comedy shows; and how long the two breaks are.

Oh–and that for payment they only accept cash.

I don’t know why Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t just come to my house, pin me down, tickle me, and steal my wallet.

If California traffic school isn’t a monster scam, I’ll eat my ticket.

But whaddaya gonna do? Anyway, I’ll let you know about my experience at traffic “school.”

Love to you guys.

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  • Five hundred and forty bucks?!?!? Holy smokes that's just…crazy. I think being tickled & pickpocketed by Gov Schwarzenegger would be more fun. And quicker.

  • Susan Stewart

    Scam from the minutes a "violation" occurs. I was in an accident in Anaheim. Anaheim PD said both parties were 50% at fault (I guess it was because we were both on the road at the same time. Didn't matter that the other drive was driving the wrong way in my lane.) We both had the same fine, same pay so insurance doesn't go up, and same traffic school.

  • textjunkie

    What's interesting to me is the difference between LA county traffic school and Orange Country traffic school (I get a ticket for rolling through a stop sign every 3-4 years, so I've done them all). LA offers a multi-page listing of the online options, the "comedy" options, etc. Orange County, not so much: You're in the courthouse for 8 hours on a Saturday or two -four-hour evenings, no exceptions. No online option, no comedy option, no pizza option, nothing. You show up in the wee hours, you have a specific and very short time for lunch, and you march lockstep through the day.

    I did the online option when I got my ticket in Long Beach. That was actually pretty cool, because I could do it in much, much less than 8 hours but it was still educational. The OC theory is that you suffer for 8 hours for your traffic violations–no books, no electronic connections of any sort, you sit there and listen to some ex-cop go on and on about the evils of road rage or the problems with drunk driving or whatever his particular issue is for the whole time. (I still learn something every time, because the CA driving laws are freakin' complex and these guys are always good for small details you would never otherwise think about, like how far behind an ambulance with its lights going you can legally follow, or when it is actually legal for you to drive through an intersection that has a pedestrian in it, etc.)

    So anyway, hope you get something out of today!

  • Hmm, you could have taken an online version for a lot cheaper (less than $20 usually). Ca traffic school is offered online at http://www.trafficschooltogo.com (if your county is listed). Hindsight maybe, or if you catch another nasty redlight camera…maybe not 🙂

  • Yeah, no, I didn't want to take it online.

    text: interesting stuff!

    Susan: that's so crazy.

  • Understood…plus, the blog wouldn't have been as interesting to read.

  • Well, that's nice of you to say. (Did you read the follow-up to this post—the one where I said the 10 most interesting things I learned in the class? I actually ended up being glad I took the class, since in it I learned stuff like that.) One of the reasons I didn't take the online class is because I know that a lot of them aren't licensed: the state ends up not CARING that you did that. But I see you run a site that really WILL get you off the hook if you take it. That does sound like a good option. My class kind of sucked in that there were an insane number of people packed into this little room, it lasted eight hours, etc. So I could see the online option being pretty sweet. I just felt like if I did it online, I wouldn't ever actually DO it—and, as I say, I wanted to make sure I got credit for doing it, and feared that if I did it online, something in that process might leave me hanging that way. But I see your online class is only $9.95, too. That IS nice.

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