“Dinosaurs! They Have Dinosaurs!”

“Dinosaurs! They Have Dinosaurs!” July 10, 2010

This morning I was working on my book when my wife Cat came bursting into my office. She was wearing her flannel tiger-fur-pattern pajamas, which are just a little too big for her.

“We’re having a vacation day!” she cried.

“We are?”

“We are! Yes! I have it all planned out! It’s gonna be great!” Then she dashed back out of the room.

A vacation day? But it’s Saturday. But Monday is her birthday, and she’s taking through Tuesday off. So apparently she’s seeing today as the first day of a four-day vacation. And so within .04 seconds I saw that worked for me, too.

Suddenly she was at my door again, positively wild-eyed. “They have dinosaurs!”

“Who does?”

“The San Diego Natural History Museum! Dinosaurs! They have dinosaurs. It’s a whole big dinosaur show!” Then she tore back down the hallway to her bedroom. “Let’s go!”

So today I’m going to this dinosaur show.

I’m excited! What’s better than dinosaurs?

“And music!” she just called to me. “We’re gonna go see some music!”

I’m assuming we’re not going to see music-playing dinosaurs. Must be a show downtown we’re now going to. [Um. Yeah, major update. This is the show we’re going to see.]

Sometimes people ask us why we don’t have children. And I always think, but we do. But we are.


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