“The Smith Family Chronicles 8: Bob’s Dream” (And a Novel Idea!)

“The Smith Family Chronicles 8: Bob’s Dream” (And a Novel Idea!) April 24, 2011

“Bob’s Dream” is the final episode of “The Smith Family Chronicles.” Here is why I’ve ended the series. (If you’re not familiar with “Smith Family,” this video will of course make zero sense to you. You can watch all seven of the previous episodes  here on my blog, or on my YouTube channel.)

I loved making each weekly SFC episode. Writing and producing them took a ridiculous amount of time, but I thought the results worth it. And though the show’s Facebook page didn’t get the 500 members I thought necessary to warrant continuing the series, the great many heartfelt responses I got about “Smith Family” let me know that it had struck exactly the chord I’d hoped it would.

The show was greatly supported by the editor of the Huffington Post’s Religion section, Paul Raushenbush, who never failed to give each new episode a good showing on HuffPo. I totally appreciated that.

And Xtranormal.com did an interview with me about the series. So that, too, was fun.

And now it’s over! No more “Smith Family Chronicles”!

Well. Sort of.

I love the SFC characters. And I know them. I know their back stories, their strengths, their weaknesses, their life issues—all of it. And I know the amazing and terrible things that will happen to them in their futures.

This wasn’t just some little knock-off project for me. For the last three or so months these, people have dominated my life and thoughts.

And you haven’t even met Pastor Dan!

Oh, man. Dan!

So right now the plan is that I’m going to make my next book a novel about the people in “The Smith Family Chronicles.” It will begin where the narrative of the Xtranormal videos leaves off.

There’s just so very, very much to explore here. And doing so in the form of a novel would of course be the richest way to do that. So that’s what I’m very much leaning toward doing.

Thanks to all of you who showed love for “SFC.” If you’d like to really get into these characters, stay tuned.


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