Jesus: “Why Do I Allow Evil to Exist?”

Jesus: “Why Do I Allow Evil to Exist?” April 14, 2011

Theologians and religious philosophers of every stripe are forever bumping their heads up against the “unsolvable” problem of the theodicy–the question of why God allows evil. Beyond perhaps assuring them a measure of job security, I have no idea why they or anyone else should find the theodicy such an enduring conundrum. If you accept as real an overseeing, all-powerful God–and certainly if you accept the figure of Jesus as a manifestation of that God—the theodicy is solved.

Also, just a quick note about, the site whose free online tools I used to make this and my other Xtranormal movies. When making Xtranormal movies, you have very limited choices with regards to setting, characters, and voices. For this movie, I chose the character of Jesus (which Xtranromal introduced only yesterday); I gave him the British voice I did because of the three other English-speaking voices it seemed best suited; and for the setting I chose “Airport”—because, again, of those choices offered, I liked it best.

I’ve done this video because I thought it might be a good way to, in a unique (and hopefully engaging) way, bring forth a thought or two central to Christianity. I know illustrating Jesus in this manner is tricky business; as a Christian, I’m certainly sensitive to anything slighting Jesus. I don’t think this does. I hope you agree.

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