Starblog 11-10-2013: I’m outta here.

Starblog 11-10-2013: I’m outta here. November 10, 2013

Hello, friends, associates, benign lurkers, and even people who share this guy’s sentiments about me:

“Hybrid new age blasphemy”! I love it.

So, big news if you’re me! Namely, this is the last time (for a what I’m guessing will be a long while, anyway) that  I’ll post anything here. Why? Because my whole blog has been moved to It’s now here.

Why have I moved my blog, I’ll pretend you’ve asked? In a word: money. Patheos pays $100 for every 25,000 page views. (Anything shy of a 25K increment stays with them; 49,999 views, in other words, pays the same as 25,000.) That’s not entirely nothing. And it’s a lot more than anyone else pays, since no one else pays anything. Over the last two or three years I’ve driven a ton of traffic to Huffington Post, for instance, and they’ve never tossed me dime. (Which, btw, is fine with me. They are [or used to be, anyway] a good platform.

I wish I was impervious to the need for money. But, alas, I eat. And blogging costs me money. I need to at least every once in a while throw a few shekels to my brother-in-arms Dan Wilkinson, without whom my blog would probably just be me sending out random emails. I also have to pay for my blog’s server. And I get a fair amount of traffic to my blog, so that ain’t exactly free.

Not to mention, cost-wise, the sheer time it takes me to write the posts I do—time for which I could be getting paid to … well, frankly, ghost-write books for people a lot more famous than I.

And you throw into my work life The NALT Christian Project, for which (and this is fine with me: I hardly do this stuff for the money), I got/get paid exactly zero?

I mean … you know. Count yourself lucky if within the next five minutes you don’t answer your front door to find me standing there with a gun, saying, “Gimmee your wallet! Or no more blog for you!”

The downside of the move (besides having to wave good-bye to the awesome, custom-made design of this blog, which was done by Dan) is that there will be ads on/alongside my Patheos blog. For some seven years now I’ve resolutely resisted running ads on my blog—though, frankly, with the traffic I get running ads would have garnered me a simolean or ten. But I’ve steadily refused ads, because I don’t want anyone thinking that I’m in any way beholden to anyone. But ads on or near my blog is a fight that’s beaten me. And the ads you’ll see alongside my new blog will be ads run by Patheos, not me. And that’s a hair I’m willing to split.

You know what won’t transfer over to Patheos, though? My ShareThis numbers. I have a lot of posts that have been shared thousands and tens of thousands of times. But on Patheos, all those share numbers on all those posts will revert back to zero. That suckeths.

Thanks, you guys. Without you all, I … have no idea what I’d be doing. But I sure like what we do together.

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  • Peter_J88

    At least if it Hybrid blasphemy it will a more efficient form of blasphemy. Welcome.

  • Did you just call me a HIPPIE?! (Also, how did I only see this now?) 🙂