Trump said . . . (choose your next word!)

Trump said . . . (choose your next word!) May 10, 2017


So, you know how when you’re texting someone, your phone keeps offering you three choices of words that you might choose to use next? I thought it might be fun to start a text with the word “Trump,” and then choose from one of the three prompted follow-up words, and then choose another of the three, and then . . . see what I ended up with.

That’s right: I have no life. But moving on, this is what I got:

Trump said he is not sure if he will have a new contract.

That seemed pretty funny. So I tried it again, and ended up with:

Trump said there were no worries about that one deal.

That seemed downright scary-funny. So I put this little game I was playing up on Facebook, and people started trying it themselves. The results they got are posted below.

Give this weirdly addicting pastime a try! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll freak out because of how obviously your phone has finally self-actualized. And if, like me, you are a writer, you’ll definitely want to give it all up, since there’s no way you could ever write anything as awesome as:

Trump said he would probably be the only person who has a chance of meatballs.

Trump said the new orders for a higher tax.

Trump said he is a very good player but if he has to work with a new team that he is still transferring to another team.

Trump said I was just a little more about your experience and I will get the feels.

Trump has been around forever to get her into a room.

Trump said he is not going on a new job.

Trump said that he was going through my emails.

Trump said he was working on my computer and it’s really hard to get the video games and she hasn’t responded yet.

Trump said that he is not the one to be the first one that has ever played for the world and is a good man.

Trump said that it was a crime scene in Vegas and you can give people money.

Trump said I was just wondering how much is it a try and find a good day to day life.

Trump said the new government will not have any good deal.

Trump said the last time it is the first order for us to be able to go on.

Trump said he is a good man but if you can do something he can do something about that.

Trump said he will have not a good to be the best team ever and then he is a good and the best team to play with a toddler.

Trump said she is great.

Trump said he couldn’t walk in the main cast at the end of the night to be uncomfortable for cis people who had the audacity to drink or dance with other people out of state.

Trump said he would be a great leader.

Trump said he would be a good man if the team was not the one who was on a Sunday afternoon at home.

Trump David and his family is gone in a couple days and then you will have a good day.

Trump said that he would be the only candidate for a national championship game against a great company that has not yet to come to a point.

Trump said he says the only thing is he has to go on the opposite sides with a different story.

Trump said the two companies were not trying their best.

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