There’s nothing funny about war with Iran, or anyone for that matter

There’s nothing funny about war with Iran, or anyone for that matter January 8, 2020
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Well, it’s that time of year again, kids. The war drums are sounding and the monkeys are dancing.

I speak of the budding conflict between America and Iran, of course.

You’ll have to forgive me. I don’t mean to make light of international conflict on any scale. In fact, I’ve been disturbed recently by the way so many of my fellow Americans talk so glibly about the possibility of World War III.

This is almost certainly a sign of our privilege. How so? Well, I can only imagine what it’s like to live every day with constant anxiety over whether there might be a drone strike in my village. No, that kind of fear belongs to people on the other side of the world.

Maybe joking around is a natural response to fear – a way for people to cope with their anxiety. I’ve heard this argument, and I think it has merit. In fact, I’m sure it is true in many cases. We laugh to not cry; I get it. At the same time, I think there is more to the story for some people. It’s those people who concern me.

I don’t know. Maybe there are Iranian citizens over there making the same jokes right now. It’s possible, I guess. But I don’t know any Iranians. I should probably step up my social media outreach.

All I know is that the possibility of full-scale warfare between heavily armed nations in this day and age is no laughing matter. There are too many innocent lives at stake.

Call me a snowflake all you want, but if it were my children over there, I sure as hell wouldn’t be joking about any of it. There’s nothing funny about war with Iran, or anyone for that matter.

Sorry, not sorry.

About Joshua Lawson
Joshua Lawson is a pastor, writer, and spiritual caregiver. He lives in southern Ohio with his wife and kids and their cats. He loves strong coffee and good books. If you'd like, you can support his work at You can read more about the author here.

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  • CroneEver

    “It ill becomes us to jest at the spectacle of a fallen potentate, and still less so before he has fallen.” Especially when it could so easily become us.

  • Patrick

    Witness trump’s mini-me at Fox News and his verbal escalation. Or is trump Hannity’s mini-me? At any rate, he sounds like he’s just itching for further warfare. Witness these words – “”There is a massive price to pay. You don’t get to do what they did tonight,” Hannity warned. “They’re going to get hit hard.”
    “Their hostility will now be met with the full force of the greatest, most advanced, most sophisticated military this world has ever seen,” Hannity said.

  • Brandon Roberts


  • Who are you quoting there?

  • I generally try to steer clear of Fox News, but if you insist…

  • Britpop Brony

    Agree 100%. There is NEVER anything remotely funny about war! This is reality. What would God, the mother the father and the infinite think about this!!

  • Patrick

    As do I. I saw Hannity’s words quoted in another article, so I checked Fox News to confirm their veracity. I thought it best to reference the direct source.

  • CroneEver

    Eden Philpotts, “The Human Boy and the War”, 1916.