Theoretical Ethics by Milton Valentine

Theoretical Ethics by Milton Valentine October 24, 2014

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The question of the grounds and basis for ethics is an essential one in today’s morally confused society. In this work, Milton Valentine gives answers to the important ethical questions which philosophers have have pondered for centuries, and gives guidance to several of the questions which are asked in contemporary society. Throughout the book, Valentine shows the flaws in non-theistic ethical proposals, and presents the Christian ethical system as the ultimate answer to all ethical questions.

“It is refreshing to find a treatment of he psychology of the moral agent, the being we know as man, without beginning with the oyster or the earthworm, and being left as last in doubt whether the human soul differs in kind or degree from the insignificant embodiment of nervous susceptibility with which we began. Dr. Valentine takes man as he finds him, endowed with rational intellect, sensibility, and free will, and leaves the evolutionary biologist to amuse himself with the problem how he came to be what he is. What he is, is all that essentially concerns the ethical philosopher.” -Bibliotheca Sacra

About the author:

Milton Valentine (1825-1906) was the most prominent theologian of the General Synod after the death of Samuel Schmucker. Unlike Schmucker, Valentine was committed to the unaltered Augsburg Confession, and argued for Lutheran unity in America based on a quia subscription to the Augustana.

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