Day 11: Lent for my World-Heaviness

Day 11: Lent for my World-Heaviness February 26, 2016





Broken Religion.


If there is something heavy this Lenten season,

it is the heaviness of the world going mad,

of politics that are backward and oppressing.

It is a heaviness of pride and greed,

a lack of compassion that shames and disparages.

The world is heavy with tears and mourning,

and I cannot bear it when I read the news

or engage outside my own little space.

So we let Lent be what it needs to be,

a lament and a wait and a pleading

for something good to come from all of this,

for rescue and redemption of the deepest and truest kind.

Faith seems most sincere,

God’s voice loudest,

when we don’t have anything else to give,

when we are emptied out

and unable to make the world

as just and bright as we want it to be.

Then, a Savior needs to step in.

Then, we see as He sees,

and we engage our own spaces

and every other space around us

through the eyes of someone

who breaks the cycles of


messy politics,


obsessive money,

and broken religion.

So we say,

Lent, do your work.



"There is no god. You want to help? Stop bothering yourself with religion."

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